how to get rid of negative thoughts

you can't banish them forever, but you can reframe them anytime they pop up


2/28/20241 min read

The crazy thing is, we can’t control the thoughts that come into our heads, but we can choose how we interpret or respond to them.

Think about it, imagine you’re just trying to chill, then some random thought comes to your mind from something that happened 3 years ago and it starts grinding at you.

Exactly so, here’s how to reframe a negative thought:

😞Negative thought: “all my mates are married and I’ve never even had a serious boyfriend at 28” “I’ll die alone”

😌Reframing thought with self-compassion: “yes, I was hoping to be married by now and I’m not, but I can’t control it. still, I believe it will happen for me and my friends all being married doesn't mean it won't happen for me. all I can do is continue to put myself out there, keep an open mind and enjoy this single phase now to the fullest”

Notice how the reframed thought gives you hope and the space to go easy on yourself

Instead of the usual self-loathing and comparison, which comes from interpreting the negative thought as fact