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I'm Basilia - a digital nomad and professional writer

Since getting fired from my 9-5 and being unemployed for a long time. I’ve learned the skills to become a digital nomad copywriter – working 100% online and travelling the world. 

Now I’ve written eBooks and created courses to teach tech savvy Nigerians, how to earn online income with their skills, relocate and live smarter.

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Grab the FREE Fiverr Starter Pack, to learn the basics about Fiverr, what you need to work and earn online with the platform.

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As a digital nomad, I oftentimes feel like a grasshopper, hopping around the world, lol. Get travel inspiration from the countries I’ve been to.

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On average, writers earn between Got a knack for writing? You can earn 

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Work Online

Find out why working online is the best decision you might as well make for your career.


IMO, travel is the best education anyone can have. Get travel inspiration from the countries i've visited.


People relocate for a better life and new opportunities. Find out what it means to relocate to another country.

Dear Writer!

I've earned over $10,000 online, writing Instagram captions for personal brands and businesses. With this Instagram caption writing course, you will learn how to do the same.

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