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What is fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace, where skilled freelancers sell their services to buyers.

Who Can work on Fiverr?

Anyone who has digital skills, can join Fiverr and offer their services (as gigs) online.

How do I get clients?

Getting clients depends on how Search Engine Optimised (SEO) your gigs are. It's using the right keywords, search tags and I teach this in my Fiverr Guide.

How do I get paid?

Sellers on Fiverr get paid via Paypal or Payoneer (for Nigerians) and withdraw the funds directly to their bank account.

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I can help you kickstart your online career with Fiverr in 3 ways

Fiverr Guide



Gig Creation


Per Gig

1:1 Coaching


Only 5 slots monthly

Frequently asked questions


Fiverr Guide – This package is great for you, if you are tech savvy and prefer to take a DIY approach to working online with some support.

Gig Creation – This package is ideal if you’re busy and would like a professional to create your gig for you the right way. So you can start getting clients and earning ASAP!

The 3 month support means you’ll get the assistance you need to deal with clients as they come.

1:1 Coaching – Is ideal for you if you would like me to coach you through the process of working online, until you get your first client and get paid. 

The 1 year support ensures you get the best assistance possible through the process.

After you pay for a package, depending on what you pay for you will get the following:

Fiverr Guide – You will receive the guide + Skill Assessment Test link in your email immediately.

Gig Creation – You will receive the Skill Assessment Test link + Fiverr Guide + You’ll be redirected to a form, to complete the details required to create your gig.

1:1 Coaching – You cannot pay until you’ve been accepted to work with me. You will have to complete a questionnaire to apply.

Yes, all payments are made directly to Five Foot Nomad via the secure payment gateway Paystack.

You can pay by debit card, bank transfer, ussd code.

Yes you can pay with a  Naira debit card. However, you will pay the Naira equivalent of the dollar amount according to the current exchange rates.

Contact me via Instagram DM or Email and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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