Flying to the Island of Barbados

White and Blue Lufthansa Airplane

After spending 3 spectacular months in the “Holy Land”, it was time for my trip to Barbados (you can view my previous post here). For this trip, I booked a 6 months return ticket with Lufthansa  at $1,180 per passenger which was a steal considering it was peak season. As explained in my previous post, I had no plans to use my return ticket so I didn’t know what to expect at immigration and this made me anxious for my trip but there was no turning back now!  The flight route was TLV to FRA to BGI , my connecting flight was with Euro-wings and total flight time was 16hrs 30mins including layover. I found it pretty cool that there were direct flights to Bridgetown from Frankfurt albeit a long one.

My flight was for 5:20am Israeli time and at 1:00am I left for the airport to start my journey. During check-in at the airport, Lufthansa made us (my husband and I) check in our hand luggages and we were only allowed to take our laptop bags with us on the plane. I found this completely ridiculous as it was not the start to my trip I had planned. However, the TLV to FRA flight was a breeze, 4hrs and we reached Frankfurt, layover time was 3hrs and after the usual security checks, we waited in the transit area to board the plane. While waiting, I connected to the airport wifi to surf the net and the Ukrainian airlines plane crash that killed 176 people in Iran was plastered all over the news as we were about to board our plane, the sad news made me even more anxious but I had to shake it off. 30mins later, we boarded Euro-wings heading to Barbados for a 9hr 20mins flight phew!

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