satisfaction in work is our only reward in this fleeting life   Picture: Inspiration: Ecclesiastes 3:22 NLT (this is my favorite book of the Bible)    

Dark clouds

A broad smile is plastered across my ebony face, but I know deep down I’m not okay. Lately I feel like I’m struggling to see the light, like my bags are packed and I’m waiting for a train whose arrival is uncertain. I know that life is a constant roller coaster and the good times …

will you let me save you?

There’s  a sadness in your eyes, a gravity pulling me in like a black hole, it's calling out to me, compelling every fiber of my soul to save you from yourself. will you let me?   Picture: Geou on DeviantArt Inspiration: There's a cure for depression, It's  LOVE!

In the clouds…

Head in the clouds day dreaming, watching our memories come to life like a play. Maybe one day we’ll be together and even if the sky falls down, the neon lights will save us   Picture: Taken by me in Abu Dhabi Inspiration: what is love?


He wants me to go he says my destiny is waiting for me on the other side of the mountain   Picture; Taken by me at Jebel Jais mountain in Ras Al Khaimah UAE Inspiration; Divine direction devotional by Craig Groeschel on You-version Bible


I'm just a black flower, a loving young doe grazing on hyacinth meadows revealing layers of me. I'm fighting to be free and I need you to trust me, to remember that these words live forever in my soul. I'm just MIA   Picture; you can buy the color on fabric land Inspiration; times are …

the walls

Maybe one day these words I breathe will be the wrecking ball that breaks down the walls I've molded like sand castles around my heart   Picture; British Council music


To the dreamers; ordinary people paying the price, making no excuses To the fighters who find a balance taming their minds, taking risks To these broken souls that have no where else to go but up Cheers!   Picture; Inspiration; To the Dreamers - for King and Country

Her smile

Each one of us is a Thread of fine spider silk As rare as it gets. She needs to see that she’s worth More than a million galaxies, that Her smile is what Keeps the earth spinning On its rosewood wheel Picture;

Just chill

I realize that you can’t just run away when shit gets hard. like it’s all day, everyday until the roads end. it's the phases and somehow, we wind up okay.   Picture; Inspiration; Run Away - The Afters

piece of me

So I'm talking with my friends and mid conversation, it hit me like BOOM!!! "You'll turn 25 this year, half way down the road to becoming a 30 year old woman." Like yoooo Well, this is just a post to say thank you for your support. Life is what we make of it!!! PS; my …

His joy

it’s hard. i’m tired sick of pretending like i’m strong enough to ride this wave. some nights i cry more than once; doubts rocking me to sleep like the sound of troubled waters. to hang on to a gleam of hope is not for the weak... i won’t give up…his joy will be my strength   …

The cast aways

Saddled by a life that’s tick tocking away I let him rest his heavy head on my shoulders frail. We’re the cast aways, the bitter scums of an existence riddled with fantasies of suffering and gold. His name is John and mine Meredith, and with hands folded like hooks, we hang on to the noose, …

careful what you wish for

hell is relative like time and her perpetual beauty our mind is our god our higher power resuscitating pondered thoughts to life good or bad be careful what you wish for   Picture; Jonathoncomfortreed on DeviantArt

Right Here

I know you have no one to hold your hand, to Keep you warm and tell you everything will be okay. I Know you find it hard to breathe, and the rain won't stop falling from your eyes. In times like this, when you feel all alone in this crazy world, I’ll be right here... …

This distance

Have you ever loved a man? Opened up like the morning tulips your vulnerable soul, risking it all for affection pure? Have you dreamed hot metallic dreams, that left you dripping fluids of delight? Well I have. I’m in love with a man, a true peridot with healing as his gift. A flawed jasper cut …

lonely nile

when the sadness holds me captive, and there's no one to comfort my soul, i'll paddle my canoe on that lonely nile drifting...slowly...towards the horizon, trusting the amber flames of the glistening sunset to set fire to my island heart   Picture; Inspiration;  Set me on fire - Flyleaf


You can blame it on my pride or the spell that I’m under You can blame it on my youth or the vices I indulge You can blame it on my ignorance or the depravity I hold so dear You can blame it on my melodramatic lifestyle or the wild assumptions I conjure But after …

the distraction

For my sanity I had to let go of my pride and make the harder choice It’s never easy to be humble but you must pay the price for growth I’ve learnt that in anger decisions are impaired And miracles only happen when we forgive As you fight for what you really want Beware the …


It’s a joke A fallacy of all sorts A misguided journey for control.   It’s an endless wheel A tragedy coalesced with beautiful moments A grey area of madness   It’s all meaningless A chase of the wind A reality mirage What is? Life   Picture;  

beautiful in time

On days like this, the uncertainty weighs down on my feeble shoulders. Suddenly I see all the reasons why things will never turn out great. Am I alone in this? Every day is different and somedays laced with fear, but I’m trusting the Universe, to make our lives beautiful in time. Picture;