peron offering a credit card to be used on a pos

Credit/Debit Card Declined in Barbados 2 of 2

In my previous post, I explained the restrictions on how much money a visitor could bring into Barbados and the amount to be declared. I also spoke about the strict … Continue reading Credit/Debit Card Declined in Barbados 2 of 2

Street Vendor Sign at the Ministry of Agricultural Market in Bridgetown, Barbados

Funny Signs in Barbados (Photos)

Fruit vendor sign at the Ministry of Agriculture market In Barbados, i’ve noticed a couple of signs, names of restaurants, or street signs that I found pretty funny. Here are … Continue reading Funny Signs in Barbados (Photos)

Week 1 in Barbados

Cathedral Church of Saint Michael and all Angels Bridgetown Anyone who has visited Barbados can testify to her sun-kissed beauty. For me, after months of non-stop researching and deciding on … Continue reading Week 1 in Barbados

Flying to the Island of Barbados

After spending 3 spectacular months in the “Holy Land”, it was time for my trip to Barbados (you can view my previous post here). For this trip, I booked a … Continue reading Flying to the Island of Barbados


How do you convince a person that being alone is okay? as a virgo i don’t have these problems, fact of the matter; time alone is a necessity for my … Continue reading FOMO 2

What’s free?

what’s free? in life what’s given, pure? what’s heaven on earth in days long like shadows? what’s free?   Picture: Inspiration: Listening to  David Baloche – Nothing can Separate … Continue reading What’s free?

Brought to life

Everything’s smaller when you see it from here; high, low, perspective being what it is. fear is a useless emotion; alps curbing life’s panoramic view. Here, we believe in the … Continue reading Brought to life

I wonder

in this game of you versus life i wonder about your view through eyes electric blue; knowing firecoal suns, peering through pearly gates.   Picture: Fatima Albudoor Inspiration:  01/10/19, 1:24am … Continue reading I wonder