police officer with his face turned against the camera

How Safe is Barbados? 2020

Before visiting Barbados, I wasn’t really worried about how safe the island would be and how freely I could move around as a tourist considering i’m from Nigeria, black and … Continue reading How Safe is Barbados? 2020

Street Vendor Sign at the Ministry of Agricultural Market in Bridgetown, Barbados

Funny Signs in Barbados (Photos)

Fruit vendor sign at the Ministry of Agriculture market In Barbados, i’ve noticed a couple of signs, names of restaurants, or street signs that I found pretty funny. Here are … Continue reading Funny Signs in Barbados (Photos)

Week 1 in Barbados

Cathedral Church of Saint Michael and all Angels Bridgetown Anyone who has visited Barbados can testify to her sun-kissed beauty. For me, after months of non-stop researching and deciding on … Continue reading Week 1 in Barbados

Flying to the Island of Barbados

After spending 3 spectacular months in the “Holy Land”, it was time for my trip to Barbados (you can view my previous post here). For this trip, I booked a … Continue reading Flying to the Island of Barbados

To all the time I spent in 2019

2019 has come to an end and like every crazy ass year before, there’s no taking back all the time I’ve spent on social media scrolling mindlessly for hours instead … Continue reading To all the time I spent in 2019

Ghosted! What it Means and How it Feels

I’m not gonna lie, being ghosted HURTS! all the sudden no texts, no calls, then there’s that dreadful feeling you get the moment you realize you’ve been blocked without warning. … Continue reading Ghosted! What it Means and How it Feels


No highs without lows nor fights without blows our scars, it shows but we accept our woes hook, line as it flows. Even when doors close and life slows, the … Continue reading 26


How do you convince a person that being alone is okay? as a virgo i don’t have these problems, fact of the matter; time alone is a necessity for my … Continue reading FOMO 2

What’s free?

what’s free? in life what’s given, pure? what’s heaven on earth in days long like shadows? what’s free?   Picture: blog.bible Inspiration: Listening to  David Baloche – Nothing can Separate … Continue reading What’s free?

I wonder

in this game of you versus life i wonder about your view through eyes electric blue; knowing firecoal suns, peering through pearly gates.   Picture: Fatima Albudoor Inspiration:  01/10/19, 1:24am … Continue reading I wonder