How do you convince a person that being alone is okay? as a virgo i don't have these problems, fact of the matter; time alone is a necessity for my existence, to recharge, to get back all the energy spent mingling and being social. yet i suffer. in this internet age and man made paradox …


today i learned that persistence is what separates winners from losers in life's  grand theatre. life is indeed what you make of it and fear is the mind killer.   Picture: Inspiration: After a year of dark days, today I won and it's indeed like a dream. (Psalms 126:1-6) Listening to "Hillsong young and …

Brought to life

Everything's smaller when you see it from here; high, low, perspective being what it is. fear is a useless emotion; alps curbing life's panoramic view. Here, we believe in the power of belief; self fulfilling prophesies... as you choose how to see the world with deep blue eyes, I'll be right here sketching my life's …

I wonder

in this game of you versus life i wonder about your view through eyes electric blue; knowing firecoal suns, peering through pearly gates.   Picture: Fatima Albudoor Inspiration:  01/10/19, 1:24am thinking about life      

The end…

even sweet and sour songs must come to an end. sober reflections, past...present. maybe this sunset will lead us home to new beginnings, God i hope so.   Picture: Inspiration: Today is the last day of the year 2018.            


satisfaction in work is our only reward in this fleeting life   Picture: Inspiration: Ecclesiastes 3:22 NLT (this is my favorite book of the Bible)    

I’m trusting the process

I guess it’s not easy to just free-fall into the universe and let Him save me. but i will   Picture: Inspiration: Free-fall by Royal Taylor

Dark clouds

A broad smile is plastered across my ebony face, but I know deep down I’m not okay. Lately I feel like I’m struggling to see the light, like my bags are packed and I’m waiting for a train whose arrival is uncertain. I know that life is a constant roller coaster and the good times …

in the days gone by

pushing through midnight blue days, I feel like a scarlet rose trapped within her thorns, patiently waiting for spring   Picture: Pinterest Inspiration: In the days gone by - Hillsong young and free (Thanks guys for 500 follows and counting)

will you let me save you?

There’s  a sadness in your eyes, a gravity pulling me in like a black hole, it's calling out to me, compelling every fiber of my soul to save you from yourself. will you let me?   Picture: Geou on DeviantArt Inspiration: There's a cure for depression, It's  LOVE!

In the clouds…

Head in the clouds day dreaming, watching our memories come to life like a play. Maybe one day we’ll be together and even if the sky falls down, the neon lights will save us   Picture: Taken by me in Abu Dhabi Inspiration: what is love?

Just chill

I realize that you can’t just run away when shit gets hard. like it’s all day, everyday until the roads end. it's the phases and somehow, we wind up okay.   Picture; Inspiration; Run Away - The Afters

piece of me

So I'm talking with my friends and mid conversation, it hit me like BOOM!!! "You'll turn 25 this year, half way down the road to becoming a 30 year old woman." Like yoooo Well, this is just a post to say thank you for your support. Life is what we make of it!!! PS; my …

His joy

it’s hard. i’m tired sick of pretending like i’m strong enough to ride this wave. some nights i cry more than once; doubts rocking me to sleep like the sound of troubled waters. to hang on to a gleam of hope is not for the weak... i won’t give up…his joy will be my strength   …

careful what you wish for

hell is relative like time and her perpetual beauty our mind is our god our higher power resuscitating pondered thoughts to life good or bad be careful what you wish for   Picture; Jonathoncomfortreed on DeviantArt

This distance

Have you ever loved a man? Opened up like the morning tulips your vulnerable soul, risking it all for affection pure? Have you dreamed hot metallic dreams, that left you dripping fluids of delight? Well I have. I’m in love with a man, a true peridot with healing as his gift. A flawed jasper cut …

the distraction

For my sanity I had to let go of my pride and make the harder choice It’s never easy to be humble but you must pay the price for growth I’ve learnt that in anger decisions are impaired And miracles only happen when we forgive As you fight for what you really want Beware the …


It’s a joke A fallacy of all sorts A misguided journey for control.   It’s an endless wheel A tragedy coalesced with beautiful moments A grey area of madness   It’s all meaningless A chase of the wind A reality mirage What is? Life   Picture;  

no time…

there’s a dark side to you and me our alter ego, our careful delight but we are sweet songs, so do what you must, and never forget; time is the enemy   Picture; Pinterest Happy New Year!!!

Our gift

We’re not like the moon, that hovers, forever giving moonlight We’re not like the sun, that burns bright forever sustaining life We’re not like gravity, that will pull everything down, until the end of the end But we’re creators, we become whatever we choose This is our gift. Picture; DeviantArt

are you out there?

hello! hello! is anybody out there?  my days have been harder and i have no one to listen i feel so alone my dreams are blurry  i can’t see beyond the mist hello! hello!  if you’re out there will you listen?  Picture; horrorpedia

Only I

Everyday the battle  Is the same  To wake up or not To do or not  To dream or not To drink or not To smoke or not To say the truth or not  To be happy or not To let it go or not  To feel hopeless or not To stay positive or not To …

don’t forget 

we’re black and white, young and old. we’re miles apart, the wait...our enemy. imperfect, yet we’re the envy of gods. we’re paradise, madness, summer. we’re the pure making of the universe; wonder, magic. we’re fireflies; creating a journey of chance, risk, desire. deep down we know we have found it; your sunshine, my happiness. i …

Soul and Body

Jasmine stars caught in a heart shaped balloon, you and me like air, are folded between two lungs.  These transient moments that take our breathe away, bring us back to love eternal.  It’s not the sweet that make us but the sour, the days of grey skies and blue.  It’s not the life that flows …