Week 2; Low-Budget Transportation in Barbados

Inside a Bus, Public Transportation in BarbadosOn board a private operated bus heading to Bridgetown

Prior to my trip to Barbados, my plan was to stay for a long time, therefore I didn’t arrive in “tourist mode”, I came with a plan to live like the ordinary Bajan, keeping costs as low as possible so my money could go a long way. For starters, my Airbnb at St. Philip for the first two weeks cost US$30 a night (the cheapest I could find), I didn’t rent a car (which cost around US$75 a day during peak season without full insurance as I was told upon inquiry, insane!) and so I took the bus around town. I didn’t visit any “shmancy fancy” restaurants just yet or take the usual rum punch tours and sea adventures most tourists indulge in. Based on this, in this post, I will be writing about low-budget transportation around Barbados, how to get around like the average Barbadian without a car and on a budget.

For the first two weeks, I visited Bridgetown by taking the bus from St. Philip to B-Town and unlike in Israel where you have a small screen by the bus-stop showing you the arrival time of the bus which always comes on time, in Barbados you just get to the bus station and wait until a bus shows up and wait times could range from 5-50mins. Crazy!…

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