I do.

She said "i can't wait to get married and be happy" and i found her statement damn well laughable. i'm not old, 26 years of life experience is all i have in my portfolio, 8 months of which i've spent married and i can assure you that the single life is the easy life. i …

What’s free?

what's free? in life what's given, pure? what's heaven on earth in days long like shadows? what's free?   Picture: blog.bible Inspiration: Listening to  David Baloche - Nothing can Separate    

Brought to life

Everything's smaller when you see it from here; high, low, perspective being what it is. fear is a useless emotion; alps curbing life's panoramic view. Here, we believe in the power of belief; self fulfilling prophesies... as you choose how to see the world with deep blue eyes, I'll be right here sketching my life's …

Time flies

Time flies. one day you're here the next you're there, old dead. Picture: worklifepsych.com


satisfaction in work is our only reward in this fleeting life   Picture: unsplash.com Inspiration: Ecclesiastes 3:22 NLT (this is my favorite book of the Bible)    

I’m trusting the process

I guess it’s not easy to just free-fall into the universe and let Him save me. but i will   Picture: abovetopsecret.com Inspiration: Free-fall by Royal Taylor

When I grow up

when I grow up to be a blush flower i’ll bud like the black-eyed susan, i'll sway with the soft wind "as she reminds me to thrive or wither away."   Picture: Unknown Inspiration: thoughts in an altered state of mind...

Dark clouds

A broad smile is plastered across my ebony face, but I know deep down I’m not okay. Lately I feel like I’m struggling to see the light, like my bags are packed and I’m waiting for a train whose arrival is uncertain. I know that life is a constant roller coaster and the good times …

in the days gone by

pushing through midnight blue days, I feel like a scarlet rose trapped within her thorns, patiently waiting for spring   Picture: Pinterest Inspiration: In the days gone by - Hillsong young and free (Thanks guys for 500 follows and counting)

will you let me save you?

There’s  a sadness in your eyes, a gravity pulling me in like a black hole, it's calling out to me, compelling every fiber of my soul to save you from yourself. will you let me?   Picture: Geou on DeviantArt Inspiration: There's a cure for depression, It's  LOVE!


He wants me to go he says my destiny is waiting for me on the other side of the mountain   Picture; Taken by me at Jebel Jais mountain in Ras Al Khaimah UAE Inspiration; Divine direction devotional by Craig Groeschel on You-version Bible


I'm just a black flower, a loving young doe grazing on hyacinth meadows revealing layers of me. I'm fighting to be free and I need you to trust me, to remember that these words live forever in my soul. I'm just MIA   Picture; you can buy the color on fabric land Inspiration; times are …