Week 1 in Barbados

EA711967-CEF9-435A-8E51-FBD9B8687FBF_1_201_aCathedral Church of Saint Michael and all Angels Bridgetown

Anyone who has visited Barbados can testify to her sun-kissed beauty. For me, after months of non-stop researching and deciding on Barbados as the country I wanted to move to and at some point hopefully attain dual citizenship, I was finally here and I joined the Barbados lovers bandwagon.

Her turquoise blue waters laced with white sandy beaches, coconut trees that tower into the sky giving it a picturesque view, rocky east coast with high tide waves that splash back and forth with full force, eroding rocks that have stood firm for thousands of years on this island. Sugar cane plantations sprawled across the island remind you of the rich history that gave birth to the Bajan people and a culture founded on rum. Some call it paradise, others come and never want to leave…
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