Get Started Working Online

How do you want to work online?

How to Work Online Independently

To start working online you need 3 things:

  1. Skills
  2. An online work platform
  3. A way to get paid


A skill is something you’re good at doing. It could come naturally to you or it could be something you’ve learned to do well overtime.

Figure out the skills you have like writing, customer service, virtual assistant, as you need it to offer services online.

To see a comprehensive list of online jobs you can do and how much it pays, check out my blog post: How to Become a Digital Nomad

Once you pick the skill you want to use to offer services online, take the time to polish your skill by gaining knowledge and practicing.

Try reading articles on best practises, watch Youtube videos and if possible, take an online course to understand what you need to do with that service.

Online Work Platform

Once you decide on the skills you want to use to offer services online, choose the online work platform you want to work with.

For a list of online work platforms you can choose from, check out this Article.

It is important to choose a platform that offers an easy work process and offers a payment method available in your country.

I usually recommend Fiverr because it’s the platform I use to earn extra income of at least $1000 monthly and because it is easy to use for me.

A Way to Get Paid

Whatever online work platform you choose, make sure it offers a way for you to get paid in your country.

To get paid, most online work platforms use Paypal, Wire transfer, Transferwise or Skrill. However many Nigerians have a problem finding payment methods available in Nigeria.

This is another reason why I chose Fiverr because it offers another payment method called Payoneer through which Nigerians can get paid directly to their naira or dollar account.

After you’ve decided on the skills you want to use to offer services, the online platform that offers a way for you to get paid, then you join the platform and start offering your services online.

The KEY is to do research so you can attract clients quicker or have buyers choose your services according to the platform you choose.

Need Assistance? Find out how I can help you

Here’s how I can help you work online

As a digital nomad working 100% online since 2017, I’ve developed 2 ways to help you kickstart your online career within 30 days.

There is no shortcut to success, but I’ve done the work and made the research so you can stress less and get results quicker.

To get started working online, here’s how I can help you:

This is a 3 step process designed to get you started working online using Fiverr. (Pricing + FREEbie below)

Step 1

Take my Skill Assessment Test to find out the skills you have that you can use to work online.

Based on your skill assessment results, you decide on the services you want to offer online.

Step 2

The next step is to offer the services online using Fiverr.

To get started, My Fiverr Guide: Online income in 30 days, will teach you everything you need to know about Fiverr. From creating your profile to getting your first client and getting paid, I break down the entire process for you in the guide.

Whether you’re tech savvy or not, this guide simplifies the entire process of using fiverr to work online from start to finish. I also detail the beginner mistakes to avoid and the strategies I’ve used to upsell my services and go from earning $125 on my first job to making at least $1000 monthly from one client alone.

  • fiverr gigs page
  • Congratulations message for First sale made on Fiverr
  • Fiverr order page
  • Fiverr order page with $1080
  • Fiverr reviews

Step 3

Upon completion of the Fiverr guide, you go on to create your profile on Fiverr using the guide and start offering your Services. If you follow all the tips and strategies mentioned in the Guide, you should get your first client within 30 days.

I will also be available to assist you via Email or Instagram Direct Messaging (DM).

At the end of stage 3, you’ll get your first client online and you will begin to earn income online.

As you do an amazing job for your first client and you get amazing reviews, getting more clients will be easier as amazing reviews = more clients.

Ready to kickstart your online career?

You can get the Work Online Bundle discounted to get you started right away.

Get 2 for the price of 1: Skill Assessment Test FREE (value N2,900) + Fiverr Guide (Value N9,900)

When you get the guide, you’ll receive the Skill Assessment Test link for FREE along with your Fiverr Guide.


Need 1:1 Coaching? Click Here

1:1 Coaching Calls

With this option, you will get the Skill Assessment Test, Fiverr Guide and I will assist you with working online using Fiverr.

This 1:1 Coaching Package is N29,900.

I will coach you via Zoom or Skype video calls to create your Fiverr profile, create your gig, optimise it and follow up with you until you get your first client and get paid.

NOTE: This option is ONLY available for serious individuals who are ready to kickstart their online career ASAP!.

If you’re interested in this option, you will have to complete a FREE QUESTIONNAIRE for me to decide if I can work with you or not.

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