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Find out which countries you can relocate to based on your current situation, lifestyle and budget.

To relocate is to move to a new place and establish ones life or business there.

The journey to relocating is one that requires, preparation, planning and the right guidance.

I spent almost 3 years trying to relocate and after 9 visa denials and trying different relocation paths, I succeeded. Since then I’ve single handedly organised my visa’s to 11 countries, relocated to Barbados and I currently reside in Cape Verde.

I made a lot of mistakes, learned things the hard way and I gained a lot of knowledge.

Based on my experience, I realised that when relocating, a lot of people struggle with:

  • Finding the right country that suits their lifestyle and budget.
  • Finding jobs prior to relocating.
  • Understanding the relocation options available to them outside of popular countries like the US or Canada.
  • Finding useful information on all the requirements needed for them to relocate to the country they want.


To solve this problem, my Relocation Assessment uses a 3 stage proven system of analysis to help people figure out the right country for them.


Your relocation assessment will give you a clearer understanding of the relocation options available to you

With my assessment we:

Stage 1
We do a thorough analysis of your current situation by analysing your marital status, dependents, current profession, qualifications, income, and savings, to have a better understanding of where you are in your life right now.

Stage 2
We compare the results of your analysis from stage 1 with your relocation expectations, to see if your relocation plans are possible or not.

Stage 3
Based on the results from stage 2, we help you understand which relocation options exist and are realistic for you.


Your assessment RESULTS will give you a clearer understanding of the relocation options available to you. You’ll know the next step to take towards making your relocation dreams come true.


Most frequent questions and answers

The price is N9,900.

After you pay, you will be redirected to the Relocation Assessment questionnaire.

Your Relocation Assessment will be ready within 7 days and you’ll receive the results in your email.

Kindly add the email [fivefootnomad@gmail.com] to your whitelist or save it as a contact so your results don’t go to spam.

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