Relocate to Cape Verde

The archipelago of 9 Islands is perfect for remote workers on the quest for a serene, yet adventourous life.

Where is cape Verde?

Cape Verde is an archipelago of 9 Islands located off the coast of West Africa.

What is the population of cape verde?

According to Worldometers, the population of Cape Verde is 562,813 people as of 2021.

Map of the world showing Cape Verde

Map showing the 9 islands of Cape Verde, including the largest uninhabited island of Santa Luzia.

Why is Cape Verde a top relocation option?

For remote workers & entrepreneurs

The Cape Verde lifestyle

You can enjoy a chill but fun island lifestyle in Cape Verde, depending on which island you choose and your preferred lifestyle.

The general lifestyle in Cape Verde involves; 

  • Road trips and Island hopping by Ferry, ship or plane
  • Hiking/Camping
  • Going to the beach 
  • Dining out at restaurants, bars, house parties and clubbing 
  • Annual carnivals and holidays and so much more.

Entertainment at Quintal da Música in Praia, Santiago Island Cape Verde, 

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I can help you Relocate to Cape Verde

As a remote-worker, here’s how I can help you relocate to Cape Verde

Cape Verde Relocation Guide


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Cape Verde Remote Visa


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Cape Verde Relocation Guide

Get the comprehensive eBook to help you relocate to Cape Verde successfully. Get to know each island and find out the cost of living and what to expect from the island life.

Cape Verde Remote Working Visa Application

The island archipelago of Cape Verde is an excellent choice for a comfortable and affordable relocation. I know this, as I’ve lived in Cape Verde in 2020 and have helped Nigerians relocate there.

I can help you relocate to Cape Verde with the remote visa application service, to save you time and visa hassle .

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