Relocate for a better life

Discover the best countries you can relocate to, based on your current occupation, budget and dream lifestyle

What does it mean to relocate?

To relocate is to move to a new place and establish one's home and business there.

What is the easiest country nigerians can relocate to?

Clearly, there are no easier options than fellow ECOWAS member states. Of all these, I personally recommend Cape Verde.

What is required to relocate?

For the basics, you need to have sufficient funds in your bank, a job offer/remote work, as well as a clean criminal record.

How much do I need to relocate?

To relocate to the cheapest country Cape Verde, you need a minimum of $5000 (N2.5 million).

Are you a remote worker?

Click on the button that fits you, to discover the relocation options available to you.

For Remote Workers

If you’re a remote worker earning at least $500 monthly income online. The relatively easiest country you can relocate to is Cape Verde.

The Island country consisting of 9 islands, offers a higher quality of life, safety with one of the highest standards of living in Africa.

With as low as $5000, you can settle your affairs in Nigeria and relocate within 2 months, depending on how soon you want to relocate.

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For Non-Remote Workers

If you’re not a remote worker, the countries available for you to relocate to, are highly limited. 

This is because, you have to get a job offer in the country you choose, prior to relocating which could impact your ability to relocate.

We do not currently offer relocation options for non-remote workers. However, if you want to explore remote working options, click the button below.


Hi, I'm Raphael

As a German citizen –of the 195 countries in the world- my passport allows me to travel to 191 countries visa-free or with visa on arrival.

This has allowed me to live a nomadic lifestyle from a young age, visiting over 40 countries across 4 continents.

However, after spending 2 years in Nigeria and marrying a Nigerian, I realised the struggle for Nigerians to move freely around the world.

This has impacted my freedom of movement and in helping my wife navigate the world with me, I’ve realised the need for Nigerians. 

I therefore offer Nigerians alternative relocation options with relative ease of access, that are budget friendly and hassle-free.