Hi there,

If you’re reading this, it means you’re interested in meeting oyibo online and you’ve come to the right place. Thanks for reaching out!

Since I started posting about being in a relationship with oyibo, i’ve received hundreds of DMs and emails with countless questions from people asking how they can score their own oyibo and I can see why.

For one, being with oyibo is very different because oyibo is romantic, affectionate, caring and of course generous in love. Being with oyibo also offers opportunities Nigerians can only dream of; like a better quality of life, a chance to travel the world and let’s not forget having mixed babies and giving them a brighter future.

However, we all know that meeting oyibo in person in Nigeria is a tough undertaking. This is because the types of oyibo in Nigeria are not the type Nigerians want and the few “European oyibo” who most of us want, are very hard to come by. Even if you’re lucky enough to meet one, the competition to impress is very fierce.

Since relocating to another country in order to meet oyibo is a cost intensive endeavour, it makes sense to try meeting oyibo online.

There has been a high demand for information on where to meet oyibo online and how to attract the right oyibo and overtime I’ve provided information to a lot of people. However, as much as I thought I was helping, I realised that providing only information doesn’t help because information without taking action is just a waste of time.

Therefore, to make a genuine impact, I want to help people take real action and actually do something towards making their dreams come true. I want people to get to experience this life for themselves and if I can work together with you to help you get one step closer to achieving your goal, it would make me happy.

Based on this, i’ve come up with a more effective way to help you and at the same time a way for me to get value for my time and effort. With my experience and what i’ve learned so far about oyibo, I’ve decided to offer personalised coaching services and i’ve created 2 packages to guide anyone interested towards their goal. The Starter and Next Level packages require registration to gain access and are designed to suit your budget. It will also allow us work together towards increasing your chance of meeting the right oyibo online (Find the packages below)

Based on the package you choose, i’ll coach you in the following areas:

1. I’ll introduce you to the legitimate online dating platforms where Nigerians can sign up and meet oyibo from any location they want, be it the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands etc.
2. How to create your online dating profile
3. The best pictures to upload to get attention and increase credibility
4. How to fill in your profile details to best describe who you’re and what you want
5. How to upgrade to the best value membership plan to get more value
6. How to verify your account to attract only genuine people and avoid fake profiles
7. How to verify that the person you’re interested in is who they say they are
8. How to start and sustain conversations with a person of interest
9. How to plan and execute a trip to meet the person you decide is the one

Based on your prefercneregister, here are the packages:



This package includes
  • Access to the online dating platform
  • Coaching in areas 1-4
Next Level


Includes all the features in the Starter plus:
  • Coaching in all areas excluding number 9
  • 1 on 1 call with a real oyibo to ask any relationship questions you have
  • Monthly email check-in for 3 months to check your progress and help you improve your strategy

For coaching on Number 9, Contact me

NOTE: When registering, use google chrome for the best user experience. Safari is currently not supported.

Keep in mind that the signup for the online dating platform i’ll recommend to you is free but you will not be able to access premium accounts or perform other interactions. Upgrading to a paid plan that fits your budget will enable you meet genuine, verified individuals and also make the effort worth your while. The paid plans ranges from 11k to 60k.

With online dating, there is no size fit all and THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES that you will meet the one, but with the right guidance and your full commitment to achieving your goal, you stand a better chance of making your dreams come true.

Terms and Conditions:



Once you register, check your email for further instructions to get started.

I look forward to working with you to meet oyibo online.


Five Foot Nomad

Having issues making payment? contact me