Time flies

Time flies. one day you're here the next you're there, old dead. Picture: worklifepsych.com

beautiful in time

On days like this, the uncertainty weighs down on my feeble shoulders. Suddenly I see all the reasons why things will never turn out great. Am I alone in this? Every day is different and somedays laced with fear, but I’m trusting the Universe, to make our lives beautiful in time. Picture; bermudasun.bm

don’t forget 

we’re black and white, young and old. we’re miles apart, the wait...our enemy. imperfect, yet we’re the envy of gods. we’re paradise, madness, summer. we’re the pure making of the universe; wonder, magic. we’re fireflies; creating a journey of chance, risk, desire. deep down we know we have found it; your sunshine, my happiness. i …

will you fade away?

we're a sea of stars we're echoes in jars  we're snowflakes we're the sound the earth makes  we're energy  we're the merging, the synergy we're you and me  we're all we choose to be i won't fade away will you fade away?  Picture; Flickr 


Our Life is now What we breathe What we feel Now Our eyes are open Our minds keeping the pace with time Take a moment  Feel the air rushing into your lungs Now  We're alive  This is all we have Now! Picture; Ludwig Zeller