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Who is a social media manager?
How much can you earn as a social media manager?
Roles of a social media manager
All you need to become a social media manager
Benefits of being a social media manager
Other ways to make money on social media

Who is a Social Media Manager?

A lot of brands, companies and individuals need someone to manage their social media accounts and this is where a social media manager comes in.

A social media manager is someone who manages the social media accounts for brand, companies and influencers. They also represent the company across all social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or even Youtube.

You can choose to be a specialized social media manager for example, you could choose to only manage instagram accounts, or only facebook accounts depending on your level of expertise.

How much can you earn?

Social Media Managers can earn between $100 – $2000 monthly depending on your level of expertise.

Social Media Manager Roles

The roles of a social media manager includes:

  • Make daily posts across social media platforms
  • Target customers and establish a content schedule
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Create graphic designs that match the company brand
  • Distribute content across the social media platforms for the company.
  • Increase engagement and conversion
  • Engage followers and get them to take desired action for the brand/company
  • Research relevant hashtags to increase the reach of the brand/company account.

All you need to become a social media manager

  • A smartphone (Laptop is a plus)
  • Content creation skills (Knowing how to use basic graphic designing software like Canva is an added advantage)
  • Basic marketing skills (Facebook/Instagram ads, email marketing and marketing funnels)
  • The right Certification – Having a social media management certification, always puts you ahead of the game. You’re not just talking, but you have the knowledge and qualification as proof that you’ve got the required skill for the job.

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Benefits of becoming a social media manager

  1. You get to make money off social media.
  2. You’ll learn a relevant skill that is in high demand.
  3. You’ll learn the skills to promote products and services and you can use this for any business.
  4. As you master what you do through experience, you can turn your knowledge into a paid course, to teach others how they can do it too. 😉
  5. You don’t need to have followers to start making money.
  6. You’ll continue using social media like you’ve always done, only this time you’ll be making money.

Other ways to make money on social media

  1. Promote affiliate products.
    If you have a up to 1000 followers on instagram, you can leverage this by getting affiliate links for products and services your followers might be interested in, and promoting it on your page. For every sale you make, you get a commission.
  2. Create and promote your own information products.
    Do you have vast knowledge in any topic? maybe it’s in photography or using design software like Canva, why not research the market demand for it, validate demand and go ahead to create a short course teaching people what you know.
  3. Promote products and services.
    Are you a makeup artist, dancer, videographer, or maybe you sell thrift clothing, why not promote your products and services on instagram. You can also promote the products and services of brands and individuals for a fee.
  4. Use visual media to promote your crafts.
  5. Promote your coaching or consulting services.
    Are you a life coach, travel consultant or business consultant, you can promote your coaching services on social media to attract paying clients.
  6. Join the YouTube Partner Program.
    You can create videos on topics based on keyword research and post them on youtube. You can promote your content to get subscribers and once you hit 1000 followers and gain up to 4000 watch time on Youtube, you can start monetising your videos.

Ready to stop doing things for the gram that give you nothing and start making an income doing what you love?

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