Skeptical Me.

I do not think we are here to play dice
Nor watch and learn as time flies
Nor eat and drink or steal
Nor make war and peace or kill
Nor love or hate or greed
Nor smile or weep or bleed.

I do not imagine we would all be free
From pleasure and pain and glee
From suffering and reject and lack
From life and death and black
From oneself and mind and torture
From today and tomorrow and the future.Read More »Skeptical Me.


A story of a girl I now read
Who lost love to the wind
Lost hope to the dusk
And one who could no longer frisk
Rusted nails were set on her path
Treading on bare feet she was torn apart
How could life of such hate harness
Through those who seem ordinary with bitterness
She cried and danced all at once
To the beat of being beaten more than once
She was made weak by lies
Made proud by a paid price
Lonely and shamed she hid her face
From the crowd with whom she ran this race
She was lost in many different ways
Couldn’t find herself even after looking sideways.Read More »Redeemed!