Please be Different

You have been hurt
You have been burnt
And I cannot now relate to your pain
Although I have been through that path vain
I cannot now say or expect you to believe
All that has been used to you deceive
But I will scream and shout to your spirit
I will rant and rave at your intuit
Do not be the one to cave in
To this world of decay a slave inRead More »Please be Different

The Hovering curse

In this jokers asylum
I wait and watch as they play
Here where we haven’t come to stay
I observe this treacherous place
Full of glee and joy and hate replace
I see the humbled rich and the proud poor
I see the flesh magnified with no pore
I see babies born with pain as garnish
I see the young perish and the old flourish
I see them basking in the shadows of a bottomless abyssRead More »The Hovering curse