How to Visit Senegal as a Nigerian in 2021

statue of man holding woman and baby

Renaissance statue, Dakar Senegal

Senegal is the first country on mainland Africa i’ve ever visited and I must say, it was quite the experience.

I flew from Cape Verde on a 1 hour, 30minutes flight with Transair and touched down Blaise Diagne International Airport Dakar.

From being extorted at the airport upon arrival (most likely because of my white husband), to eating Nigerian style pepper soup and OG jollof rice, Senegal gave me proper Nigerian vibes.

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A peninsula in West Africa, the country has a total population of over 16 million people according to a 2018 census. Senegal gained independence from the French in 1960 (same year as Nigeria). The official language is French and the currency is the West African Franc CFA.

Popularly known for it’s renaissance statue which is the tallest in Africa, Dakar city boasts of amazing beaches,  is a hub for international trade with a bumping city and nightlife. 

Other tourist hotspots include Goree island off the coast of Senegal and Lake Retba (the pink lake).

So what do Nigerians need to visit Senegal? 

Requirements to visit Senegal

  1. International passport
  2. Yellow fever vaccination card
  3. Negative COVID 19 test


Stock flight photo from Pexel

Return tickets from Lagos to Dakar cost around $875 (N350,000) using Air Cote D’ Ivoire with 1 stop in either Lomé or Abidjan.

However, flight times may vary as layover time for the return flight can be as long as 22 hours. Ensure you check the return leg of your flight to pick the flight with the shortest layover time.

For more details about flights to Dakar, check out Kayak.


Stock hotel room photo from Pexel

The cheapest accomodation you can find may cost at least $40 (N16,000 or 22,000 CFA) a night. Check out Airbnb or Booking to learn more about housing options available to you in Dakar, Senegal.


A salad dish at Le Gondelier restaurant in Dakar, Senegal

Food is generally affordable in Dakar. From high end restaurants to street food, there are tons of options depending on your budget.  

There are Asian restaurants, European restaurants including African restaurants where you can get plantain, jollof rice, even pepper soup.

Jumia eats is available in Dakar so you have the option of ordering food to your hotel/airbnb if you want.


City taxi in Dakar, Senegal

For transportation across town, you shouldn’t pay more than $7 (N2,800 or 3,800 CFA). Nearby destinations should be cheaper. 

Bear in mind that there is no Uber in Dakar and the majority of the city taxi’s (yellow and black) look rundown and do not have air conditioning.

As a Nigerian if you’re looking for a place to visit visa free, to enjoy nice beaches, try the OG Djollof rice and some good old African vibes, this is the place to visit.

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