How to work on Fiverr and earn online income

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As a level 2 seller on Fiverr earning over $4000 side income since joining the platform in July 2020. Working on Fiverr has changed the way I view work and it has opened up earning possibilities to me. Considering I’m from a third world country, earning in a stable currency like the USD is a huge step up.

Since discovering the platform, my goal has been to teach people how to earn online income with Fiverr. Before we dive into how to work on Fiverr, let’s get to know what Fiverr is and what you can do with it.

Fiverr is one of the top online marketplaces, where freelancers sell their skills as services to buyers. The buyer could be an individual, personal brand or business.

The services offered on Fiverr are called “Gigs” and these services include a variety of categories. You can find a comprehensive list of the services you can offer on Fiverr HERE.

There are currently over 2.3million sellers on Fiverr and to work on the platform you need 4 things:

  1. Skills to offer services
  2. A payment method available in your country
  3. A laptop
  4. Great internet connection

Personally, why I chose Fiverr as the online platform I wanted to work with was because unlike other platforms;

  • It offered a payment method available for my country (Nigeria)
  • I didn’t have to send out proposals to get clients. All I had to do was create an optimised gig and the clients found me
  • The process of joining the platform is simple and user friendly.

If you’re looking for a way to earn income online, that requires no capital to start, Fiverr is definitely the way to go. So let’s dive right into how to work on Fiverr.

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How to work on Fiverr

To work on Fiverr, setup your Fiverr profile and offer your services, here is what you need to do:

Pick a service to offer

It is advisable to choose a service based on your talents and what you’re naturally good at. This way, you will love what you do and that will motivate you to become your best at it. Also, you won’t get frustrated when you start working under pressure.

You can also choose to learn a skill you’re interested in and then offer that service online. It all depends on what you want and what you’re hoping to achieve by working online.

[If you struggle with finding out the skills you can use to offer services on Fiverr, take a paid Skill Assessment Test]

Create a Fiverr profile

Creating your profile is simple and all you need is a username, password, details about your skills, professional experience and the services you will be offering on Fiverr.

Create a gig on Fiverr

Creating a gig is easy and you can do so from your dashboard. in the image below. You will have to complete details like your gig title, gig description where you sell your service to the buyer, relevant tags for the service you’re offering, pricing, gig image or video and then publish your gig.

How to create a gig

The key to creating a gig is to optimise it to attract clients quicker and there are a number of ways to do so thus:

  • Make your gig title short and include the keywords you want to rank for based on the services you’re offering.
  • In your gig description, describe exactly what the client will get when they order your service and how you can help them get desired results. Also include the keywords for your gigs.
  • Check out the gigs of your competitors to see how they offer their services. This will help you decide on how you want to offer your services to add more value and be more competitive in the marketplace.

[You can find more detailed information on how to optimise your gigs to attract clients quicker in my Fiverr Guide]

Take the language test.

Before you publish your first gig as a newbie to Fiverr, you have to take an English Language Test. This is just to test your basic English skills to see if you’re capable of working on Fiverr.

After you pass the English Test, you will be able to publish your gig and make it live. A gig that is optimised correctly, will have impressions after about a week.

Impressions are the number of times potential clients have seen your gigs. It is important to track impressions to be sure a gig is performing well.

To boost your reach you can share your gigs to your social media page.

The next step is to wait for clients to contact you and I usually advise people to spend this waiting period practicing their skill so they can do a great job when a client contacts them.

Fiverr order page with $1080

Fiverr order page showing the countdown timer

Your first order on Fiverr

If your gigs is setup correctly and your impressions keep going up, in no time you will get clicks on your gigs and subsequently get your first message from clients.

Communicating effectively with clients using the technical terminology for the job and asking the right questions – will convince the client that you’re the best pick for the job. This will cause them to order your service.

When the client places an order, a countdown timer begins according to the delivery time you set for your service (check the image above)

For example; if you set a 2 day delivery time for a graphic design job, a 2 day countdown timer will begin when a client orders that service.

This means that you must deliver the order within the set time frame. If you don’t deliver the order on time, your delivery will be delayed. This will affect your overall delivery time and your ability to attract more clients.

Delivering your order on time is necessary for a good client experience and if you deliver great service, you will get a five star review.

[If you want to proactively search for Jobs on Fiverr and not wait for clients to contact you, I detail how to send offers to buyers in my Fiverr Guide]

Fiverr reviews

My Fiverr Reviews

Your first review on Fiverr

Clients will rate you 5 stars in 3 areas; The quality of your service, communication and if the service was as described in your gig. 

After you get your first 5 star review on Fiverr, this boosts your gig ranking and you will begin to get more impression, clicks and clients for your services.

5 star reviews = more clients = more income on Fiverr

Your first payment on Fiverr

Fiverr offers 2 payment methods:

  • Paypal

  • Payoneer (Bank transfer and Fiverr Revenue Card via Payoneer)

You choose the payment method that is available in your country and you set it up via your earnings page on Fiverr.

You can only setup your Payoneer payment method after you’ve done your first job and you have funds available for withdrawal.

Funds from Fiverr take at least 15days to get cleared and will be available for withdrawal after clearance. Early payout is a new feature that is available to reduce clearance wait time, but you get charged a small fee.

As you get more orders, reviews and earn more on Fiverr, you scale up in levels. The Fiverr levels starts from 0 level seller to level 2 and subsequently a top rated seller which is the highest level.

Takeaway: Whether you’re unemployed, looking for a side hustle or just love making money, working on Fiverr is a great way to earn income online. 

The key to working successfully on Fiverr is communicating effectively, doing amazing work for clients to get five star reviews and optimising your pricing to match the effort you’re putting in and quality of your service so you can work less and earn more.

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