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Nigerians do not need a visa to visit Barbados which is AMAZING!

One of the major problems Nigerians encounter when flying to the Americas is having too many transit countries that require a transit visa.

So how can Nigerians travel to Barbados without the transit hassle?

With Lufthansa, you can fly from Lagos to Frankfurt to Bridgetown. Flight time could be up to 21 hours with a long layover at Frankfurt.

Keep in mind that the transit time at Frankfurt for your flight, will determine if you would need a transit visa or not.

If your flight layover time at Frankfurt is less than 12 hours, you don’t need a transit visa.

However if your transit time is more than 12 hours you might need to obtain a transit visa from the German Embassy in Nigeria prior to your trip.

This is currently the best flight route to Barbados for Nigerians.

PS: If you’re reading this, Now is the best time to go to Barbados. Usually Flights to Bridgetown from Lagos cost at least $1800. Currently post pandemic, the flights cost a whooping $700, if that ain’t a deal sent from heaven, I don’t know what is. LOL!

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