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Since I moved to Cape Verde a few months ago, I absolutely love it here and i’m grateful that things didn’t work out for me in Barbados. The people are nice, the food is amazing, i’m learning the local language and my Kriolu is getting better everyday.

Here are 5 more things i’ve noticed about Cape Verde:

1. Because Cape Verde is a developing country, there are no huge malls in the country like in Dubai, Israel or even in Nigeria, for comparison “Shoprite” mall in Nigeria is bigger than the biggest mall in Cape Verde.

2. Used clothing popularly known as “okrika” by Nigerians, is sold everywhere on the island. I find this cool because boutiques and fancy clothing stores are quite pricey, so selling used clothing provides an affordable option for ordinary Cape Verdeans.

3. A lot of houses in Cape Verde look incomplete on the outside, some have no painting or plastering but people live in them. The style of building in Cape Verde is similar to Europe where houses are built side by side but because it’s still developing and there’s empty plots, the construction looks a bit rough.

4. In Cape Verde there’s normal white beaches but there’s also black rocky beaches. This is because the island is made from volcanic eruptions and the evidence is all around

5. There is no online shopping in Cape Verde. Besides of food deliveries, there are no platforms to shop online. In Nigeria there are a lot of platforms to shop almost anything online so I found this surprising. Anyone who has enough capital to start an online shopping platform in Cape Verde would make a killing.

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