a female standing next to a boat by the lagoon in bacalar quintana roo mexico

My dream was to study in Mexico for a master’s in Management degree. My family thought my dream was crazy because of how Mexico was being presented in the media, but I did my research and decided that getting my master’s degree in Mexico was what I wanted.

So in 2018, I learned Spanish, I got admitted into University and I was excited to start my studies. However, when I applied for a visa to Mexico, my visa got denied 3 times. I was devastated because the “Nigerian factor” reared its ugly head again, but I had to move on and let it go. Fast forward to a few months later, my masters may have been put on hold but I ended up visiting Mexico without a Mexican visa (I’d discuss how in an upcoming post) and it was a lovely experience.

I was in Germany at the time so to get cheap tickets, I decided to fly to Cancun from Belgium. I also wanted a cheaper way to make it to Belgium, so I used the ride share blablacar to catch a ride from my house to my hotel in Belgium for 35 euros per passenger, a train ride would have cost more than double the sum and driving wasn’t an option.

I flew to Mexico from Belgium in early spring of 2019 and as a girl from the tropics, I couldn’t wait to be back in warm weather. My flight was with Tui fly and my flight route was Brussels – Montego Bay – Cancun, flight time was 14 hours and it cost around 450 euros per person.

Flying to Mexico was a bit tough because the flight was long and we had to stop at Montego Bay in Jamaica, but as the plane prepared to land at Cancun airport, and I saw the thick jungle underneath the plane, the stress of the flight was worth it.

Mexico is an amazingly beautiful country and I feel like it’s more 2nd world than 3rd world, from my research I found that Mexico has the 15th largest economy in the world (I bet you didn’t know that too). Mexico is rich in culture and home to ancient Aztec/Mayan civilisations. In Mexico there’s nice white beaches, cenotes, lagoons, thick jungles, huge lizards, jaguars, caves and a very diverse climate across the country. The official language is Spanish and temperatures ranges from 24 – 40 degree celsius.

Mexicans are “tranquilo” meaning they’re relaxed, easy going people who love to party and have a great time. Most of them are devout Catholics and a few of them are protestants and remind me of Nigerians.

During my 2 week stay in Mexico, I didn’t visit Mexico city which is the capital. I landed in Cancun in the state of Quintana Roo and from there, I took road trips to Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Punta Allen, Bacalar and the ancient Maya city of Calakmul in the state of Campeche.

I absolutely loved Mexico and I can’t wait to go back.

Is Mexico on your bucket list?

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