Cochem Germany

1. Germany is a highly organised country with a culture that’s all about order and correctness. it’s easier to understand the Germans when you keep this in mind.

2. Unlike Nigeria where there’s only 2 seasons; dry and wet, Germany has actual 4 seasons. Spring (March to May), Summer (June to August), Autumn (September to November) and Winter (December to February).

3. The official language is German or Deutsch. Few people speak English especially outside of major cities like Frankfurt or Berlin.

4. Germans are generally cold people in their attitude but they’re also nice, it’s weird I know. In my opinion, they’re not as warm as the Mexicans, maybe this is a result of the weather conditions, i’m not sure. Also most Germans are direct and will not be found out of order.

5. I toured Germany by road and I noticed the vast fields of which the majority is actively being used for agriculture. Rapeseed crop used in the production of canola oil, is one of the major crops grown in Germany.

6. There are a lot of old people in Germany but not many children. For comparison, Adults aged 55 and over make up about 38% of the German population amounting to 30 million people of the total population of 80million.

For children aged 0-14, Germany has about 10million children. In contrast, Nigeria has over 86million children aged 0-14, more than the total population of Germany. Insane!

7. If there’s 3 things the Germans love, it’s their bread (brot), beer (bier) and dare I say their butter.

If you’ve visited Germany, What things did you find strange about the country and it’s people? leave a comment below.

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