I’m a firm believer that as a Nigerian, once you visit Cape Verde you wouldn’t want to leave. So if you’re reading this, I was definitely right. After your one month visa-free authorised stay on the island, to stay longer the next step is to get a visa extension and the process is very easy.

A visa can be extended for up to 90 days after the first month and the documents you’ll need are as follows:

1. A valid passport (must be valid for up to 6 months)

2. A current passport photograph taken with a white background. (It is advisable to take the passport photograph on the island because the immigration officer will reject any passport photograph that wasn’t taken on the island. There’s usually a business centre near the immigration office that takes passport photographs. They know the required specs so ask around for it by saying “onde centro de negocios?”.

3. A confirmed hotel/airbnb reservation for the duration of your extended stay (If your reservation receipt is in form of a letter, make sure it’s the original (signed and stamped) and not a copy)

4. A copy of your return ticket out of Cape Verde. The return ticket must match the end date of the visa extension you’re requesting.

5. Your bank statements as proof that you have sufficient funds to sustain yourself during your extended stay. You can provide online bank statements from your Nigerian bank or open a bank account in Cape Verde, deposit money in it and provide statements from the bank. The minimum amount of money you need as proof of funds ranges from $1000 to $3000 and the sum depends on how many dependents you have. If you have a friend in Cape Verde who is a citizen, they can supply you with their bank statements as proof that they will sponsor you during your extended stay. The said person must attach a letter assuming this responsibility and have it notarised by Cartorio Notarial in the island you’re on.

6. Pay the visa fee of 2100 CVE (7,500 naira)

7. If possible, go with a translator for your visa application as the immigration officers speak only Portuguese/Creole and do not speak a word of English. (If you need assistance with getting a translator, contact me.)

The Step by Step Application Process

If you’re on Santiago island the capital of Cape Verde, go to Direcao de Estrangeiros e Fronteira (abbrev. Policia Fronteira ) in Palmarejo, Praia for your visa extension. If you are on any of the other islands, go to Policia Fronteira on that island. The step by step application process is very easy going and is as follows;

– Go to Policia Fronteira, pass through security check at the door and then go inside the office.

– At the office, go straight to the machine pictured below and touch the screen to select the reason for your visit and get a number. If your visit is for inquiries, select “Informacao”, if it’s for visa application select “Pedido de Visto”. Upon selection, click print and your number will be printed out.

The machine to collect a number. In the rear is the screen on which your number will show when it’s your turn.

– After collecting your number, sit down and watch the TV screen pictured above for your number to be displayed along with the counter number you will go to. You will hear an announcement calling your number as well.

– Once your number is called, go to the immigration officer and present your documents. If your documents are not complete, the officer will tell you what you need to get. When you have the complete documents, it will be collected along with your passport.

– Once the officer collects your documents, she will issue you 3 copies of a receipt for the sum 2100 CVE (7,500 naira) which you will take to any bank to make payment.

– After paying at the bank, the bank cashier will stamp the receipts, take a copy and give you back the other 2 receipts.

– Then you take the receipts with you back to Policia Fronteira, take a number again and wait for your turn, to give the receipts to the immigration officer.

– The officer will stamp your receipts, take one and give the other one back to you as your copy.

– After submission, the immigration officer will tell you when to pick up your passport. It’s usually within 10-14days.

Passport Collection

When its time to collect your passport, make sure you go to Policia Fronteira with your payment receipt as you will not be able to collect your passport without it.

Once you have successfully extended your stay in Cape Verde, I’m also a firm believer that you’ll come back to my page for information about obtaining residency and i’ll be right here to help you out! you’re welcome.

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