View of Cochem, Germany from a window in Cochem castle

44 countries, 26 of which are Schengen, 4 seasons, magnificent castles, amazing mountains, vast forests and centuries old cathedrals, Europe is a continent rife with history. I got a multiple entry Schengen visa to Germany and I used the opportunity to explore other countries within the Schengen area like France, Belgium and the Netherlands, all by car. I was excited not only to see my husband’s home country Germany but also to see the continent Nigerians risk getting to by land and sea.

I reached Germany in early spring in March and the first thing that hit me was the cold. It was my first time visiting this part of the world with actual 4 seasons and temperatures lower than 30 degrees. In Germany, the temperature during the day ranged from 10-20 degrees celsius and at night it was 3 – 8 degrees celsius. Throughout my stay in Europe I felt so cold that I had to use an electric bed warmer to keep warm at night (thanks to my relative Larissa). My mother-in-law also gave me a special teddy bear with beads that I would microwave to make hot and I would hold it to keep warm, dramatic I know but you can’t blame a girl from the tropics.

Overtime, I noticed the cold was messing with my mood as well because I wasn’t getting enough sun and I understood the value of having sunlight. In-fact i’ll choose the scorching 36 degree celsius Abuja heat anyday anytime. At some point during my trip, I had to go on a 2 week vacation to Mexico and I made sure to enjoy the sun to the fullest before returning back to Germany.

Based on my experience, I found the parts of Europe that I visited, to be very orderly and not comparable to Africa. In Europe everything works, there are great roads, 24/7 electricity, security, endless agricultural fields, active trains and train stations, vast forests and every country I visited was the complete opposite of Nigeria my home country. However I got the no nonsense vibe especially in Germany like there’s real consequences for breaking the law unlike in Nigeria where anything goes and lawlessness is the norm. Also the prices in Europe were not affordable for typical Nigerians.

Throughout my 3 month stay in Europe, I liked a lot of things and I also hated a lot of things which i’ll try to write about as we go along.

Which countries have you visited in Europe?

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