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Personally, when I travel, my goal is to see as many places as possible on a budget. To visit France from Germany, instead of flying or taking the train, we (my husband and I) decided to drive. We drove from the North of Germany through Belgium, through the night and 8hours later, we reached France as early as 6:00am in the morning.

It was April and watching the sunrise over the vast rapeseed fields was marvellous. I feel like France has a beautifully distinct hue to the green colours of the fields and blue sky or maybe it’s just me.

trees and a sunrise over fields in France
Sunrise in France

Upon reaching France, we drove straight to our 70 euro a night hotel in Buc and crashed for 5hours. At 11:00am we left Buc to have breakfast at Le Bouchon Restaurant at Toussus le Noble Airport. It was delightful watching the small propeller planes take off and land while drinking some pampryl apple juice, eating some freshly baked baguette with butter and some fruit.

Toussus le Noble Airport
Le Bouchon Restaurant at Toussus le Noble Airport (spot the propeller plane midair)

11:44am we hit the road to Versailles to check out the Chateau. Traffic around the castle was at medium level, weather was great, somehow we found parking nearby. On arrival at the entrance gates we walked for about 10mins until we reached a large square with the castle in view.

To walk around the gardens and chateau grounds we paid about 18 Euros. To see the inside of the Chateau cost an additional 25 euros or more but I was on a budget so I didn’t pay for that. (For the full list of ticket prices click here)

It was easter period and weirdly the same time when the Notre Dame Cathedral caught on fire so there were lots of tourists. The castle of Versailles was quite spectacular on the outside, it had a very large well maintained park with gardens and dancing fountains that reminded me of Dubai.

We walked around for an hour and kept it moving to our next station the Eiffel Tower. Walking around the castle grounds was a very pleasant experience and if you’re in France, make sure to visit Chateau de Versailles.

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