tarrafal beach with mountains in the background in Tarrafal cape verde

Amazing beaches, volcanos, salt lakes and 9 islands to explore. Cabo Verde is the ultimate vacation destination in 2020. Matter of fact, Nigerians don’t need a visa to visit the island, all you need is:

1. A valid passport

2. A valid return ticket

3. Hotel reservation

4. Yellow fever vaccination card (picture below)

5. Pay the airport tax or TSA of 30.83 Euros (12,700) either online or at Sal airport

Optional things you might need

  • Health insurance for the duration of your stay
  • Copy of your bank statements as proof of funds (in case you’re asked)
  • Have cash in Euros as its accepted in Cape Verde.

Update: Keep in mind that due to the current COVID 19 pandemic, travellers into Cape Verde MAY be required to show a negative corona test result prior to entering the country.

yellow fever vaccination card Nigeria
Yellow fever vaccination card issued by the Nigerian authorities


Airplane view of Praia city on Santiago island in Cape Verde

Depending on your dates, direct flights from Lagos to Sal, with Cape Verde airlines cost roughly 504 Euros (200k) to and fro. Domestic flights between islands cost 96 euros (39k), flight time 45mins. The cheaper option will be taking a ship from Sal to other islands and it cost about 40 euros (14k) and ride time could be 7-8hours with a stop in Boa Vista.

UPDATE: Cape Verdean airlines may not be operational considering the current COVID 19 crisis. So you can check out Royal Air Maroc which is a Moroccan airline that connects Cape Verde to Lagos or Abuja.


a bedroom with a bed with blue bedsheets
Airbnb accommodation in Praia Santiago island

Depending on the island you choose to stay on, Airbnb costs minimum 40 Euros (16k). To keep costs low, you can stay at a hostel it cost from 22 euros (9k) per night.

*Keep in mind that hotels/Airbnb on Sal island are a bit more expensive than on other islands.


a dish with fish. vegetables and rice
Typical Cape Verdean dish of fish, vegetables and rice cost $5 at Achada Sao Filipe, Praia

Food in Cape Verde is cheap as long as you don’t eat at expensive tourist restaurants. 5 euros (2k) will get you a whole fish with vegetables and rice or fries like the picture above.


picture showing taxi and buses on the road in plateau praia cape verde
Taxi and bus (in the rear) at bus stop in Plateau, Praia Cape Verde

Moving around the island is affordable. For public transportation; taxi’s cost between 1 euro (400naira) and 5 euros (2k). There’s mini buses called “collectivo” which cost 50 escudos (200naira), the long Sol atlantico buses (pictured above) costs 40 escudos (150naira), car rental cost 45 euros (18k) per day depending on the type pf vehicle you choose.

*Renting a car in Cape Verde does not include full insurance and you may have to pay a deposit of about $300 (107k) to cover any damages you make to the vehicle. If no damage is found on the car upon return, 100% of your money will be refunded back to you.

Cape Verde is an amazing place and there’s no lack of things to do and see within it’s 9 islands.

To Learn more on how to visit Cape Verde, contact me.

(The cost estimates above could differ slightly due to the ongoing pandemic, however they were deemed accurate at the time this article was published)

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