Picture of Rihanna's childhood home in St. Michael Barbados
Rihanna’s childhood home in St. Micheal Barbados

It was my last week in Barbados and my primary goal was to see Rihanna’s childhood home before leaving. In my mind, my trip would not be complete without it, dramatic I know but my love for Rihanna is unmatched and I think she makes way better music than Beyonce, bite me!.

Determined, I dug through google to find the address which was Westbury New Road now Rihanna Drive, it was in St. Michaels the parish I was at and I decided to walk there. Using google maps, I walked about 25minutes from Broad Street to her home which was near the port of Bridgetown. Walking the breezy one-way road, I tried to imagine little Rihanna growing up there and how her life must have been.

At the junction to the house was a rum bar on the left, a large cemetery on the right and the sign above welcoming you to her street.

It was interesting to see buses full with tourists stopping by and taking pictures. Must be nice to be famous and have people in their hundreds travel half way across the world to catch a glimpse of your childhood home like a pilgrimage.

Tourist buses arriving at Rihanna’s childhood home in st. Micheal Barbados

I wished there was a tour of the interior of the home, maybe I’m just a creepy fan? Not one Rihanna merchandise was sold around the property or the island in general and I found this interesting. Generally, I got the vibe that Barbadians don’t worship Rihanna like the rest of us in the world do. I bet they love her, but they express it differently.

Throughout my stay in Barbados, I heard Rihanna’s music on the radio only twice. You’d expect her music to be played non stop but apparently not. They’re probably just waiting for the new album too like the rest of us, right! .

I enjoyed the experience and if you’re in Barbados you should visit Rihanna’s childhood home on Rihanna Drive.

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All images taken by Basilia Frankel.

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