If you’re interested in nature and botanical gardens, Hunte’s garden is the place to visit in Barbados. The beautiful botanical garden offers a walk through nature with classical music playing in the background complemented by the sound of birds, while you smell the flowers. There are chairs in secluded spots all round the garden to seat down, relax and simply enjoy the tranquility of the place. Indulge in some rum punch or drink a beer while you bask in the essence of nature and listen to Mr. Hunte tell you about his garden.

Video of Hunte’s Gardens in Barbados

To visit the garden, there are signs all over the island which makes it easy to find, guests need to pay US$15 or B$30 per person at the entrance and it is well worth the money. I found Mr. Hunte the owner to be nice, very warm and attentive to guests of his lovely garden. You can also buy drinks and snacks at Mr. Hunte’s house in the garden. (Drinks menu below)

hunte's gardens bar menu in Barbados

*If you are allergy to certain plants below is a list of the plants in the garden.

Image showing a list of 64 plants on Hunte's Garden Barbados
List of plants on Hunte’s Garden

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PS: This post is not promotional and is based on my personal experience.