I decided to move to Barbados and in case you’re wondering why, here’s a little story about my situation. I’m a Nigerian meaning; of the 190 countries in the world I can only visit 45 countries visa free or by attaining visa on arrival, 34 of those being African countries. Therefore, I need a visa to visit almost all the countries that make up the first world. Crazy right? Basically, my passport sucks, and i’m sick and tired of spending half my life at embassies chasing visas.

After much research on how to get another citizenship and seeing as i’m not a millionaire or anywhere near rich and cannot afford to attain citizenship by investment for countries like St. Lucia, Grenada, Malta, Montenegro, I had to think outside the usual box.

Acknowledging my unique situation, I realised I had to take the long way around this and tic tac toc, I came to the conclusion that I would like to become a Barbadian citizen…

I chose the Caribbean country because first and foremost I don’t need a visa to visit the Island for up to 6 months, citizenship can be attained within 7 years of permanent residence (Barbadian immigration laws are changing this year to reduce this to 1095 days according to Barbados Today). Barbadians have visa free access to 158/190 countries in the world, plus everyone is black and speaks English. I think i’ll fit in quite well amongst other reasons which I will not bore you with.

Now you have an idea why i’m moving to Barbados,  I’ll document my Journey to and on the Island in a series of posts to help anyone who wants to know more about the Island. Whether my plan will work is really not in my power but if you don’t try, you don’t get so this is me trying.

Photo by Brandless on Unsplash

Inspiration: I’m legit moving to Barbados.