Think again

Sometimes you try so hard and get so little
Other times you get absolutely nothing for all the sleepless nights.
Sometimes you fight for all that your heart desires
Other times you send out prayers on a hot air balloon to the divine.
Sometimes you strive and strive for just that one thing
Other times you give up hope and lose faith
But what if you’ve been pushing on a pull door all along?

Picture; twitter (@art_of_thinking)
Inspiration; For King and Country – Pushing on a pull door

5 Replies to “Think again”

  1. I like the way u ended it, perfect!!

    Many people don’t realise that because we want it doesn’t mean that it is right for us,
    And because we deserve it doesn’t mean that it good for us.
    As human beings we have to learn to be more observant to realise when something is not meant to be

    1. You just explained exactly what I tried to portray. Personally I’ve learnt from experience and sometimes just think again about the whole situation. Thank you

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