What I am not and will never be

His words are black and white
Varying contrasts, utterly confusing
His actions are golden trees, deeply rooted in good but he’s not a saint
His fear is branded on his forehead
I see it and it’s threatening to spew it’s venom in my eyes
The clouds in his mind are as grey as night but he’s smart
He will never commit, not a crime but he’s still stuck in the pessimism of things
His life thorns are piercing my side, his troubles steady rocking my boat
His uncertainty is daunting; I want to run away to dwarf planet Ceres and see if he follows my trail
How long before I fade away into the shadows of his reality?
How long before I realize the purpose of this “distraction” that’s so dear to me?
Tell me to focus…I need to carve my own path
Remind me this; I’m not his savior, never will be.
But he loves me…he loves me deep.

Picture; DustIn4Pictor on DeviantArt

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