I met a girl once, Meredith, pretty face, big brown eyes, curly black hair, petite, fit. I don’t remember exactly why but the moment I saw her I felt like I knew her, her deepest secrets. Her smile reminded me of wildflowers by the river bank, petals fallen onto the water floating, living away. The aura to her on that day was unique, it smelled of jasmine and lavender blended, made into the perfect scent. Do auras have a scent? She spoke words but I couldn’t hear, I couldn’t read her lips from afar either. As she passed by me the air around her sent my thoughts flying on wings, she walked hastily, I tried to keep up with her but then she took a bend and a couple seconds later she was gone like a flash, it was like she disappeared into the night lights. Frustration hit me like a bullet. 3 years have gone by and her scent lingers within my nostrils. Meredith, what is your name? Who are you? Meredith, yes that’s the name I chose for you. Wherever you are, If you’re reading this, how do you feel today?