[poem for the one in love with who they can’t have]

In the middle of the night the moon shone overhead.
They were drunk and talking, she couldn’t quite remember when last she laughed so hard
It was meaningful, it was timeless
But he was only passing, after a while of exile
It was hard, she wanted him
Everything in her was craving the entire essence of his manliness
Her nights were shorter, her dreams revolved around the same thing
She would think about the inner peace his smile gave her
Even though it came like the white elephant
It divided her fears, it crushed them one after another, it made her forget what reality was
This was it, she knew it was forever.
The way his eyes squinted when he smiled hard, often for something silly she did, he looked alive but for a second
She would run her hand through his twisted hair, and laugh because he was nuts for it and he knew it
But it made her want him even more
It was just too simple but Beth
Have you ever felt like air,
Whenever you’re with him, like the world was yours and the universe for once gave you exactly what you dreamt of?
Have you ever just looked him in the eyes and knew the bond was for eternity?
That he was the only truth that remained in this world?

It’s  hard
He may not be mine now
And I know love like this, won’t last forever
But Beth, I don’t mind.

Written 22nd September 2015.