[Poem for the one who is confused, lost, searching for something bigger than self and feels alone in this world]

It’s hard to imagine, all of it
World full of minds
Constantly in motion, at work, creating, sending signals
Multitude of faces connected someway, somehow
Traveling in a time that has no end, shrouded in mystery

It’s complicated for me
Confusion flowing through my veins
It’s like there’s something I will never know
Questions that will never be answered
Names I will never forget
Thoughts I will never escape

How do you feel?
Do you know who you are?
Do you know why you’re here?
Do you believe?
Are you sad?
Are you satisfied?

This dimension that we’re sailing
Why do we want what we’re running away from?
Why is the “bad” much more fun?
Why is the “good” limiting?
Are we free? Truly? From anything?

I saw you and I couldn’t help it,
My mind judged you
Unconsciously I compared myself again
I saw your life and it was like there was never a “behind the scenes”
Through your eyes, i found your soul, I saw what I see in the mirror
The unending want, of something just a little more
The truth choked to death by the thorns of lies
The illusion given to others of self
For validation,
Validation from people seeking the same and the cycle continues

What is your name?
Has your identity been defined? Imprisoned by the opinions and lifestyle of another?
Do you feel like you’re screaming on a busy street and everyone’s deaf to it?
Have you blinded your ears with your music and just cried?
Thinking thoughts a little too real for you to ponder upon?
Have you felt something that just made you burst in colours and fade into the skies?
Have you sometimes doubted everything , seen and unseen?
Have you ever felt truly free from it all?
It’s hard to imagine, all of it
World full of minds, billions
Some who will never know your name
Others who will pass through your path, forming your memories, good or bad
Words you will never forget
Scenes replayed over and over in your mind
Regret safely locked away for that day of weakness

Its complicated for me, maybe for you too
Some days I just want to open the windows to my soul and let the rain fall freely on these cheeks
I know you feel lonely and like your reality is different,
Truth is, of this life we are all Guilty!!! You’re not alone!!!!