To the voices of pressure

Compelling me to conform

To the twisted words from the mouths of rebellion, pouring out as liquid offering seeking to corrupt this being


To the misinterpretation of others of self

To the standards set by the world and it’s father

To the decisions imposed on me by outsiders seeking selfish gratification

To the want of validation from those seeking validation themselves


To the limitation of my mind by their deception

To the angles and perceptions that seem right in their eyes but not mine

To the lust, the greed and dead fantasy of them seeking to lure me into guilt and sin


To the 5mins of pleasure they offered in exchange for a lifetime of bliss

To the message preached on altars of lies and vain glory

To the actions expected of me for the impression of people who do not care

To the external elements claiming right to this throne

Today I decided for me

Today I said NO

Today I said NO

I am free!!!