[Happy Birthday to Me]

A new day
A new page
Chapters of seeds sown and loads carried from ancestors past
Mistakes made, the very fabrics of history threaded through this life
Of joy, lows and a Lil high
Wild ambitions of youth
Propelled by a future unknown
It’s been amazing, daunting
I’ve been lost , found and lost again in this maze
Searching endlessly for a path
A road that leads to my destiny
Running a race where many have fallen
Skipping without ropes to a place,
This place

A youngling with a mind so deep
Wanting to be free from self and it’s demons
Striving for a better life in a world that’s fading
Seeking answers from scripts as old as time
On this journey, wanting more than the eyes of this mind can see
I still feel the scars on this heart between two lungs
Still slowly beating, pounding and then I lose consciousness
Fragile yet immune to all that kills
And can hurt this liquid soul
I’ve loved a lot
Even loved the poison that almost got me killed
But He saved me!
Took my pain and brought me here
I’m alive, I can breathe, I am free
Pure perfection in the making
With a passion for life
Waiting for redemptions day
I’ve been a fool, even wiser than most fools too
I’ve been a victim of a culture sold out to depravity
I’ve traveled to places only I know of,
I’ve enjoyed the company of the little foxes that destroy the vine
But in all of this
I surrendered, laid down my life at His feet
And cried my heart out, with raw lava flowing through my eyes portal
I’ve fought, I will lose , I will win
It’s all still a shadow, a fickle hope
A future as uncertain as the end of ones life
But here I am
Alive, breathing, free!
I’m 23