[A Poem about Cheating]

To fill the space in this half empty glass
I found myself on this Boulevard
Caught up in the cliché
Aftermath of a union gone cold
Frozen with time.
I was lost in myself or so he said
He was not the same or so i said
Excuses made for justification
Of lies yet to be born
Led on a journey by a single thought of option
And I want it

Oh sweet boulevard
You found me
You answered prayers I dared never to say out loud
Oh the joy of bad
More pleasurable than nicotine
The rush, the craving
Like meth, coarsing through my veins
Taking me to the stars on a one way ticket
Yet slowly ruining every detail of me
Crumbling every bit of reason I have left
And I’m smiling

Oh the thrill of illicit
Mesmerising, convincing, corrupt
Lies attaining new heights
Unholy acts forbidden yet is the new path
Renegade to this religion of sanctity
My heart is leaping, guilt alien to my mind
Here I found the spark that rekindled my fire
Embraced this desire that has burnt my flesh
And I love it

Oh the rebirthing of me
Confused only by the taste of his full lips and scent of his manliness
Chocolate lava for skin, i lay tangled underneath, naked, unashamed
Raw electricity sending shivers down my spine
Legs defying gravity, hanging on ropes invisible
Fluids of all kinds streaming down portals undiscovered
Taking roads which for a time have laid dormant
Drunk in this lawless state of euphoria
Words fail to describe how this orgasmic five minutes of passion has destroyed everything I love.
And now I am alone.