[Poem about over thinking]
[Don’t let it steal your happiness]

No red lights in my head
In here they don’t exist
Thoughts keep racing back and forth
Endlessly confused by reality
Sleep only a temporary antidote to the chaos within for which insomnia is now the thief
Does it end when we fall?
I mean the traffic in our heads
Or is it just me?
Does it mean nothing in the end?
Can dream be counted among the crowd?
Let it be said
That I did not choose this
No records but let this be clear
I want to be free
Crystal headed, plain and yes free
From this war of fire and air
In one body ready to explode
Transparent to the madness
Oblivious to the troubles
Let me just calm and be at peace within self and with earth
No genie but I’d say regardless
I wish there were red lights in my head
But it’s my choice to make and
I choose HAPPINESS!!!