When the storm came yesterday, it was tough

My head was spinning, the road was rough

Nothing could save this being from existence

Everything was against the sole purpose of its intelligence

Now, Its back and even more perilous

For you my friend, my precious

I know its hard and your mind is a vast spread

I know you worry and it seems like the good days have fled

But wait…breathe my beloved

Take in air, dry your leak, let this not go unsolved

Its life, its the pressure, its everything we’re chasing

Its the disease of power and more in abundance, the pacing

Its the mental stress for what is seen, mind enslaved

All because we found ourselves lost here and depraved

Is it not the reason we are never at rest?

My Dearest,

Advance to the sphere of relief

Let you and me become invincible to grief

Let our fingers intertwine while we hop on wet sand

Is not today our fortune and infinite grand?

Is this not why we need you and you and me?

Remove your frown on purpose, decide and be free

Take as much as you can, having John Doe in mind

Do not forget you too, were once blind

The storm may for a while linger like the smell of gas

But Smile my flower, this too, will pass