yIts raining and I can hear the noise
The ascending and descending like manner of the tears of gods on my metal roof
Sounds like an instrument with no name
But to its rhythm one could dance
Even though I feel blue and the sun over my head is gone
I’m glad this blessing in heavy drops accompanied by light and a frightening drum is here
I ran outside not to shelter whats mines from it
Or to remove apparels from lines a bit too high
But to just be soaked in the  relaxing ambience
Fully clothed I just stand there, not even dancing
Because I feel so blue and my hearts weary from its joyful leap and skip
But just letting natures relief  wash away my tear stained face, with transparent gold of every and any emotion  still flowing from clear shut eyes
At least no one will notice them now
No one will look on with mixed emotions of inquisitive pity
And say “whats wrong?”
But really I’m fine, only blue because I’m mourning my pain
Not because its dead but because we are one now
And I feel nothing
Thank you rain, for this divinity of being invisible.
Of being at peace with the feeling because it has gone to a place I call home
I know I’m okay, I know I’m better.                                                                                                                                         I am everything that is me and mines and this has made me the king of this vessel.