It is a great honor and privilege to be chosen to be the portal through which a soul is being brought from another realm into this human world. Woman! why don’t you treat yourself as a god that you are?

Talking about women is wide and too broad for words but i will start with confidence and equality.

I see many women (young and old) who lack all manner of self confidence who treat themselves the way men want them to, who do not have goals or dreams of their own to pursue, whose achievement in life is to get married and have kids (not bad in the long run), who see themselves as under a man in everyday life.  this is the wrong way to think. You have to acknowledge that you are a human being, with your own mind, soul, body and life to live. I think confidence starts with

Acknowledging your insecurities and knowing that everyone has them, all you have to do is find them and understand that they aren’t necessarily true. Try being yourself, no use trying to be someone else because you CANT and NEVER will.

Stay healthy. jeez lots of women especially the married ones lose themselves. they get overweight, can barely do stuff on their own, i mean health is wealth you have to eat right, work out every now and then, of course its not easy but to be confident you have to be in shape o. as a woman if you aint healthy (obese) it affects you mentally, physically and it only adds to your problems.

Don’t compare yourself to others. This is like the hardest even harder than working out. i can’t lie we all do it at some point, consciously or not. Especially with social media like Instagram young girls will see pictures of other girls in nice cars, with nice bags always traveling and touring the world and then you start to think and wish. My dear, comparing will only make you bitter and kill your confidence, instead be grateful for where you’re because many people wish they were in your position, work hard and pray hard so you can get to that level also.

Appreciate yourself. Be thankful that you are you and no one else, accept yourself the way you are, your flaws, your strengths, even your past because you can’t undo them. treat yourself with respect, dress well, have a positive attitude, don’t let anyone put you down man or fellow woman.

Love Yourself and be happy. If you love yourself, to me that’s the ultimate gift you can give yourself because you wont let anyone treat you less than you deserve, you will guard your heart and mind from hurt and negativity, your self love will also shine through in how you treat others. With this, your self confidence will be exceptional.

Work hard. this is something you have to do, whether I tell you or not. You have to work hard so you can “play” harder and by play i mean live a life of luxury, fulfillment and success. When I hear some ladies say ” abeg let me just marry a rich man so I will enjoy” it surprises me because haba, gone are those days when the men work and the women stay jobless at home taking care of the kids, gone are those days of inequality, now women have equal rights as men. So It is not a sin if you make your own money before you get married and NO, men won’t run away or not marry you because you are successful and independent. There are countless successful women who have a family and are living well some successful women even made their husbands who they are today, one way or another. You can have all that, after all you don’t know how long it will take till you find a husband so you want to be broke till you marry rich man? i pity you.

Don’t let girls that sell themselves for money deceive you, women still become successful with legit jobs and businesses and madam, there is no shortcut to success.

No one is perfect but at least try to be who you dream to be and live life to the fullest as a woman. Life is short

Yours faithfully.

Your fellow woman.