I feel so alone again
Like yesterday and the day before
In a round soil filled with flesh and bones walking the surface
I let my mind drift again
Into the sadness within my head and clenched fist between two lungs
Mine broken spirit surrounded by lack of green
I do not have
I do not have
Give me? No. take me? Yes!
That’s all I get
A drop from your gold cup?
I’m cast away again
I’m standing in the middle of the sea, yet starving of drink
My Nothing jar full to the brim, spilling
No one to talk to, to hold or see or smile
Some are there but in another language, they play
At some point the ones who are not meant for this space
Become strangers as they once were the day before
I think of this as my reality because I know
Everytime replayed yet again to mock me
To remind me that I’m a loser
To see to it that I never get to feel what its like to have someone, just someone there for me even though just once
To feel like someone cares and wants to listen to my lips
Just hold me and tell me its okay to cry
Because it hydrates my soul
To just give me morsel to fill me forever in my heart
To just act the 3 words
To restore warmth to my ice lump
Is that too much to ask?
Is that like asking to be reborn?
Is that something you can’t give me?
Or is it something you  would rather give when I no longer breathe?
My reality is lonely, scary and sad
And I don’t know how to find my genie
If I have to beg for my needed bliss
Then I must say
Please Universe Please