You have been hurt
You have been burnt
And I cannot now relate to your pain
Although I have been through that path vain
I cannot now say or expect you to believe
All that has been used to you deceive
But I will scream and shout to your spirit
I will rant and rave at your intuit
Do not be the one to cave in
To this world of decay a slave in
Do not let the hurt take you to that place
Of war and hate and careless living replace
Do not now say “I am my own man”
And on their heads use this pan
Be not he who has turned his back on the truth
All because of lies to hurt used as proof
Refuse to mingle with the crowd and drink their lifestyle
For we all have a price to pay for every deed and style
Refuse to conform to the ways of this world
And trust in him who had made us free with his blood.
His 66 love letters to us as a guide to love
it will lead you to that perfect place you dream of
To my words I do not expect you to be adherent
But to you I will forever say; Please Be Different.