The Hovering curse

In this jokers asylum
I wait and watch as they play
Here where we haven’t come to stay
I observe this treacherous place
Full of glee and joy and hate replace
I see the humbled rich and the proud poor
I see the flesh magnified with no pore
I see babies born with pain as garnish
I see the young perish and the old flourish
I see them basking in the shadows of a bottomless abyss
Of course they are too blind, they do not see this
I see a glitch in mother nature
I see her evil get mature
I watch as palms rot and the perennials strive
I see the ongoing death during this short life
Everything comes and happens at its own pace and season
But greed and envy have altered this space without reason
I see eccentric display of esoteric attributes
I see wickedness and cruelty paid as tributes
Sins of the fathers a curse on the children
Cursed children suffering for what they know not of then
I see many seeking salvation
Paying blood and sweat for their redemption
I see the depraved use love like a weightless smokeless feeling
Hurting each other with no mercy I see their skin peeling
But wait! This is what I see and feel and know
But then I’m a part of this even now as I grow
Endlessly we strive to survive this journey to the unknown but what awaits us? Is it even there? Are we dreaming? Or is this space and time just a reward for seeds sown?

2 Replies to “The Hovering curse”

  1. What’s the place you’re talking about though? I thought you were discribing the world of advertisement at first…

    1. I’m describing this world and its madness. And where we headed like the afterlife which we do not know what’s in store for us. 😀

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