I’ve always thought of life as unfair
Most times I just sit back and stare
Thinking on how to breaks life’s spell
Hoping that today all will be well

I’m not sure I chose me this life
Of faith, war, hope, of strife
Neither can I comprehend how she works
Nor the path behind these blocks

I try to imagine the purpose of joy
And the pain behind this toil
I guess the pain teaches us not to go there again
But in the end what is my gain?

Is this life my time to waste
Or more of copy and paste
Copy my past, paste it in my future?
Or history being replayed yet again I’m sure

Though bitter over all
Still sweeter than honey
I choose life, I choose happiness
I choose sanity, I choose greatness

Life will always be unfair
Or may be the price we pay through it; our fare
Life is me and you and all there is even in sanity
But there’s this part of me that refuses to bow to bleak reality.