If love were an angel
It would have more than one side
Each wing a different angle
In itself full of pride

An angel of death could be better
Love deceptive, love rending
Flying over us all bitter
Not giving a care, leads to our ending

An angel darker than night
Angel love, with intentions less evil
But taking over, inflicting pain in every flight
More cruel, in hurt more brutal than the devil

As a friend it comes
But like an enemy it tears us apart
From unknown and hopeless places it comes
Giving us stone for heart.

An angel guarding our hearts from hurt
Could be loving and amazing
Can also like a knife cut
Like death, can also be surprising

If love were an angel
It would be called CUPID
An odd name for an angel
But all cause its purpose is all so stupid

Oh cupid! No matter how cruel you’re
We’re all still victims of your cruelty
No matter how amazing and loving you’re
It all still hurts good or bad; being bitten by reality.